My Introduction

Hi! My name is Caitlyn Manning, but I go by Caity. I’m a first year at Dickinson and currently a biology major, but a soon to be educational studies major. I’m from central-shore New Jersey, a small town called Holmdel. I have never traveled outside of the country before, so I’m very excited to do so! This year was my first year learning Japanese, so I am in this program to learn more about the culture and history of the country and to practice my new language a little bit. I can’t wait to get to know everyone and to have a great time learning together!

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Hello there, my name is Peter Philips!  I am a freshman studying Art History as my Major and French and German as my minors.  I come from a generic rural suburb in New Jersey halfway between New York and Philadelphia.  I do not speak almost any Japanese but in the past year I became extremely interested in pre-modern Japanese art and architecture.  For this very reason I decided to study abroad to increase my knowledge about the Tokugawa era to better understand the accompanying visual culture.  After the program with Dickinson is over, I plan to backpack for two weeks across central Japan to make a sort of art pilgrimage.  I cannot wait to try the local cuisine and see all Nagoya has to offer!

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Let me introduce myself… Alex Bates

My name is Alex Bates. I teach Japanese language, literature, and film at Dickinson College. I am really looking forward to the summer program this year. To introduce myself a bi, I live in Carlisle with my wife Amy, our three kids, and our dog. I like exploring Japan through travel, food, reading, and watching movies (among other things). I also like spending time outdoors with my family by hiking, camping, backpacking, biking, and rock climbing.

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Hello! My name is Julie Mancini and I am a first year at Dickinson College. I am an International Studies major and live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have been studying Japanese for around four years but I do not know a lot about Japan in terms of its history and art. Because of this, I decided to take this summer course at Nanzan University with my fellow peers. I am so excited to explore Nagoya and get to know everyone.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Japan summer program 2018 blog! This is a record of the thoughts and ideas of students in the course. This course explores Japanese culture during the era of the samurai and geisha, the Tokugawa era. We will be learning about the history, literature, art and architecture of the time in class and see the actual sites illustrating the concepts in field trips.

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