Week 1 Post

The first week has been exciting and satisfying so far. I was pretty energetic most of the time thanks to the fact that I went back to China first, so I was not bothered by jet lag. I found it really amazing to be able to use what I’ve learned in Japanese class. I didn’t speak any Japanese at the last time I came to Japan and really struggled ordering food at restaurants. I would say that I feel accomplished for having the chance to apply my language skills.

It was also surprising to meet Honoko, a Nanzan University student who had studied at Dickinson for a year. We went to Osukanon and Sakae yesterday, and I got a chance to try on a pretty yukata, which I didn’t expect at all. We also got some delicious seafood dons ┬áthat I have been craving for so long. I feel like the Sakae area has more to discover and I may go for another adventure on it during our stay.

The trip to Inuyama castle was inspiring. It made me think of one of the castles in China. As an Asian myself, I am extra excited to explore a different Asian culture, because I feel attached to it. Also it makes me feel nervous when people tend to approach me as they think that I am the “Japanese guide” for our group. I am a minority in our group but one of the “majority” in this community (at least from my appearance), and this is a completely new experience to me for being a minority and a “majority” at the same time.

So far I have enjoyed everything in Japan and am looking forward to meeting new people in the coming three weeks.

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