Analytical Question of Child’s Play

Why is Midori bothered by Nobu’s disrespectful behaviors and how does her consideration reflect her characteristic?

Midori is bothered by Nobu’s disrespectful reaction because she is used to being treated respectfully by males. As the sister of Omaki, she is able to live with certain privileges in the pleasure quarter. Being such a spoiled girl, she inevitably starts to forget her real identity as a prostitute and develops a mild degree of arrogance. In such case, when she is mistreated by Nobu, who flings a flower on her, she can hardly understand the reason. Even though Nobu does not behave rudely because of hatred toward Midori but rather the fear of rumor, his behavior is very unusual comparing to how other people might treat Midori. The extent to which Midori is hurt by Nobu ‘s reaction reflects her detachment from the reality because of her privileged life.




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