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The second week was evanescent. There were so many things going on within one week that I couldn’t even realize that it was already the third week. This is actually a good thing because I have accomplished more than I what have imagined.

My favorite part about the week was the trip to Magome. Even though we arrived at the town so late that all the stores were closed, the owner of the Minshuku greeted us with a well-prepared traditional Japanese dinner. I enjoyed every single dish of the dinner and walked out of the dining hall pretty satisfied. One thing I really like about Japanese meals is that foods are always served in small portions but with thousands of varieties so that you can always try something new without overeating.

After the meal, some of us went to the sightseeing platform on the mountain and decided to drink sake and watch stars. To be honest, I am not a big fan of Japanese sake for the slightly bitter taste in it. One of us suggested to do Haiku, which was a form of Japanese poetry. This experience is new and fresh to me because making Haiku in Japan while drinking sake is totally different from doing that in class. I was glad that I had the chance to make one in such a pretty mountain.

The nature was amazing. Walking through the forests reminded me of Miayazaki Hayao’s movie Princess Mononoke. Although I was exhausted after hiking all the way from Magome to Tsumago shuku, I felt accomplished doing so. Imagining people from the Edo period doing the same thing as I did just made me so excited.

Overall, the second week was great and I was certain that I would go back to Magome, walking through the same path again in the future.

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