Child’s Play Question

Question:  How did the dynamics and workings of the Yoshiwara district change into the new Meiji era and its shift into a western style regime?

Despite the new era, it seems like superficially that the pleasure quarters did not differ all too much from what they were like during the Edo era.  The same situations for a woman’s conscription into the quarter still lie in her parent’s poverty while men from the lowly common gambler to powerful official frequent the establishments.  Now instead of Daimyo  and samurai, parliament members and bureaucrats take their places.  The children that live within the quarters though, though the story, no longer seemed to be destined to remain in Yoshiwara for their entire lives after the introduction of public education.  It serves as a way out for those who pursue success.  The attitudes of religious figures change, as when we take Chokichi, a younger monk, he acts in deviation to seemingly simple buddhist behaviors.  His brutish behavior to Sangoro and Midori represent a possible deviation of Buddhist piety and hegemony in Japan.



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