Week 3 Diary

Another week already gone! A lot happened this week, so it makes sense how short the week felt, but still! It’s crazy how quickly our time here has flown by. I’m definitely going to miss being in Japan.

Kyoto was amazing, if not overwhelming at times. I was surprised at how busy it was, even though I knew it was a big city, and how many tourists were everywhere. I can’t even begin to imagine what Tokyo is like if Kyoto only has a population of 1.475 million and Tokyo has 9.273 residents. It kind of makes me never want to visit Tokyo (not saying the same about the rest of Japan though).

My favorite thing of this week (and one of my favorites for this entire trip) was the Sanjusangen-do temple. The fact that there were so many statues in one place that were so well preserved was simply fantastic. I really enjoyed studying them and comparing them to their neighbors to pick out the slight differences that they all had. Another interesting aspect was comparing the bodhisattvas to the statues meant to guard them, especially in terms of how stoic and peaceful the former were and how the latter all had dynamic poses and grimaces.

Because I didn’t get a picture of the outside of the temple and photos inside were prohibited, here are some other highlights:

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