Weekly Blog #3

The saying: “Time flies when you’re having fun” aptly describes this third week. It has been so busy this week from the festival at Atsuta shrine to the trip to Kyoto and all we did there.

The festival at Atsuta shire was definitely a part of this trip that I will never forget. It was really fun wearing a yukata (although tying the bow on the back was a struggle). It made the experience at the shrine all the more authentic to me. The food was definitely the best part of the festival though. The lines were really long, but it was worth it to get a potato on a stick, some yakisoba, and weird jellyfish looking mochi (I don’t remember the name). I have not seen anything like this festival anywhere else I have been. It was planned out so well and everyone seemed to be having a great time! The fireworks were amazing. It’s sad that the only time you can really see fireworks in America is on the 4th of July; I wish it was more like Japan where there are fireworks the whole summer!

Next is our trip to Kyoto. While the trip was a bit overwhelming, I feel as though it was a great experience. I would have liked to have a 4 week program in Nagoya and then another 4 in Kyoto to really explore everything, but sadly that is just not possible. 🙁 It was really awesome to go to so many temples and shrines and castles while we were there. I personally really enjoyed walking around Nijo-jo. It was so cool to see all the artwork and how much craftsmanship had to go into every little part of the castle. I also really liked going to the garden early in the morning. While I hated being up so early, it was very calming and a great experience. On that point, I really enjoyed going to all the different gardens from so many time periods. It really is inspiring to see all the the research that I’ve done for the paper in real life!

Kyoto shopping was also really great. I was really happy to find a plethora of really cool sock stores, tea stores, and anything I could ever want! I was sad because the wait times for the dog cafe and the hedgehog cafe were so long, so I didn’t get to go, but everything else was great! I also really liked the sticker store and bought a bunch of really cute stickers.

I’m going to leave this post here now even though there is so much more to write! I’m happy to be back in Nagoya where I understand the subway station, and where I won’t go in the opposite direction on the subways……. I hope the last couple of days go really well!


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