Week 4 Blog Post


This past week was a nice way to wrap up the trip. Other than working on our final papers and presentations, we were able to travel to Nagoya castle and Meijimura. Seeing all the buildings in Meinjimura was definitely my favorite part along with getting more ice cream. Also, the little train there was cute as well. I did not really know a lot about the Meiji era and western influence at that time so it was really interesting in just how it affected even the look of buildings in Japan at the time.

I still cannot quite believe that our course and trip to Japan has already ended. Before the start of the program, I thought I had a good idea of what experiencing Japan’s culture would be like, but actually living in the country proved me wrong. Talking to the Nanzan students, making conversation with Nagoya natives, and even just doing things like going to the Atsuta matsuri not only made me utilize some of my Japanese speaking skills, but also made me view Japan in a different light. These kinds of experiences along with traveling the country has really proven to have been a time of growth for me.

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