Week 4

This was our last week in Japan, but I still found time to do fun things. I visited Kanayama, and I was able to get a western style burger, which I had not had in some time. I also visited Osu Kannon one last time, which was nice. The highlights of the week were visiting Nagoya castle and seeinf Meiji Mura. Nagoya castle, and the artistry on display was quite impressive, especially considering it had only fully opened to the public about a week prior. Meiji Mura was also fantastic, and it was great to be able to see all those buildings from all those time periods. In particular, I really enjoyed seeing the lobby of the Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel.


Studying abroad in Japan this summer was a great experience. I look forward to going back after having studied further into the language and culture so I can appreciate the experience all the more. 

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