Can't Stay Away from the DC Summer Rays
My Internship at the Center for Immigration Studies

I used to think reflections and questions that sound like you’re in a therapy session were silly. As I have been learning, these types of do-I-really-need-to-write-down-my-goals-and-accomplishments questions are important to making the most of each of  your experiences. While I am doing the transcript notation program that Dickinson offers, I have had the opportunity to […]

This week, I was assigned to work on data collection and research for a new project. With hype in Congress about increasing the number of foreign  STEM worker visas in the US, I began assisting an employee with research on the numbers of foreign students enrolled in STEM |science-technology-engineering-math|  graduate programs in US institutions. I […]

The D.C. March for Jobs Yesterday, I participated in my first ever DC rally! It was an anti-amnesty rally held by BALA (the Black American Leadership Alliance), Tea Party Community, and Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. As indicated on their website as the purpose of their successful rally, BALA believes that if the Gang […]

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Today, you all have been given one of America’s greatest gifts; the gift of citizenship.  -Speaker at the Ceremony   Today, my coworkers and I attended a Naturalization Ceremony for new citizens. It was located in Court Room 20 on the sixth floor of the U.S. District Court. Though my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. […]

Even though I have been here last summer, last semester, and this semester, I continue to learn more and more about all the opportunities in DC. So this is a bit side tracked from my internship experience, but I would venture to say that a big part of my internship experience is my location. As […]

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A day in the life of Julia… Do you remember  when the Obama re-election campaign released a slideshow “The Life of Julia,” as a media promotion of Obama’s government programs? They created it to represent the average American, in this case a female, who would need Obama’s programs for an economic and socially successful America. […]

The Power of Influence Did you know…that in a new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll, three of four people agree with big arguments made by proponents of the Immigration bill. Not only that, but  two-thirds of those surveyed also agree with big arguments made by opponents. It is turning out to be a debate that […]

What’s really great about interning in a city is the proximity that permits interns to attend events at different offices. In the last week, I had the chance to go to 2 immigration speaker events (I lucked out with there being an immigration bill in Senate right now!)  I went to morning speakers at American […]

So I used a hash-tag in the title because I never til now realized how many organizations and people use Twitter …I shrugged it off as some social media fad but it really has become a useful tool in following opinions and commentary regarding just about anything. As I meet more and more people, I […]

As I reflect on my experiences in DC last summer and at the Washington Center this spring, there is one phrase that stands out among all others in terms of how I’d summarize my experiences – “Only in DC.” This could not fit better for my first week at the Center for Immigration Studies. As […]