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My Internship at the Center for Immigration Studies
Made it past Week 1 and onto Week 2 …#Win
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So I used a hash-tag in the title because I never til now realized how many organizations and people use Twitter …I shrugged it off as some social media fad but it really has become a useful tool in following opinions and commentary regarding just about anything. As I meet more and more people, I like the idea of being able to follow their opinions on issues important to me, and Twitter displays them pretty well. What I find is really great about the site is that it can be used as another social media/connecting with friends site, or the purpose I’m referencing as a place to share information as it happens.  As a student, this is particularly great for us because there is so much happening all around that it is difficult to follow every news story, but Twitter allows you to follow people, programs, newspapers, etc to read news and opinions in real time. Okay, enough about Twitter -clearly I’m a year or two behind on this trend haha, whoops!

The second week at CIS was great because not only did I get assigned to help with an exciting data analysis project about the number of H1B visas given to K-12 teachers in the years 2010 v. 2012, but I also got to meet all the members of CIS. To rewind and provide some background information about the workplace environment here, many of the fellows and employees work from home. What is exciting is that some members of the staff live in Boston, New York, etc, but all manage to work together to keep this think tank active and on top of immigration news. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to attend a board dinner. At this dinner, I met David North, a CIS fellow, and Jessica Vaughan, a CIS staff member, both of whom I had been communicating with over the phone to assist on projects.


Ms. Telford (Dickinson alumni) and I at the board meeting!

On another note, the guest speaker at the dinner, Mickey Kaus,  was excellent. Kaus is one of the first, and arguably the first, political blogger in the US. He is best known for starting Kausfiles and writing for the Daily Caller. Speaking to him and hearing him deliver his keynote speech was a great experience because I had the chance to hear a different perspective on the immigration bill. He, if I understood correctly, believes that repeated amnesties would result in a permanent underclass, social inequality, and attacks the issue from a moral standpoint. To hear his speech from the board lunch click this.

Overall, attending the board meeting was an exciting way to conclude my second week at my internship site, and meet more members of the CIS staff. Working through the week on the H1B visa data has been a great learning experience that I can carry into my classes for senior year and future job endeavors. Fact: Excel is a great tool …once you learn how to use it. It took me a while to figure filtering and sorting out, but after understanding Excel better, I felt kinda accomplished because it’s something that’s useful in the long run (and short run!)

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