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Continued Immigration Debate, SCOTUS decisions, and an escaped panda
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The Power of Influence

Did you know…that in a new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll, three of four people agree with big arguments made by proponents of the Immigration bill. Not only that, but  two-thirds of those surveyed also agree with big arguments made by opponents. It is turning out to be a debate that is leaving many Americans conflicted on their views towards the bill. Interning at an immigration think tank has given me the ability to hear opposing viewpoints and all the politics behind the immigration debate. While the Corker-Hoeven bill was presented to grant additional border security measures, the 1000 page document is argued to be a ploy to that actually weakens current law and enforcement provisions of S. 744. Given the situation, the bill is facing new-found opposition on the grounds that to pass a bill, the new amendment must be read by all members of Senate in its entirety; something that is difficult to do with just 72 hours in time for the Tuesday June 24th vote.

Supreme Court of the US

It is a big day at the Supreme Court, and the hype in DC has made it all the more exciting. The Court was set to rule on the Voting Act, Affirmative Action, and Same-Sex Marriage. Below are the rulings that have been made so far! SCOTUSblog reports 5 case decisions being issues, and the granting of nine cases for next term. Read this great blog on the view from the Court room by Mark Walsh here.

* Fisher v. U. TX at Austin – The Court limited the use of affirmative action in higher education but did not strike down the Texas plan. The case was sent back to the lower court.

* Vance v. Ball State U. – The Court limited employment discrimination.

* US v. Kebodeaux – The Court held that the sex offender registration and notification act ‘s registration requirements do fall within the Necessary and Proper Clause.

* U. TX Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar – The Court limited retaliation claims by employees, since the “motivating factor” provision only applies to claims of “discrimination” which only mean claims of discrimination based on ie. race, sex, and religion, rather than retaliation.

* Mutual Pharmaceutical Co. v. Bartlett – The Court held that state law claims on the adequacy of drug warnings are preempted by federal law, and therefore when their regulations conflict, federal law prevails .

An Escaped Panda

In less political news for the week, “Rusty the Panda” from the DC Zoo spent part of Monday on the loose in DC. He was spotted by residents in a neighborhood next to the National Zoo’s grounds, and is now safely back at the zoo. According to National Geographic, Rusty is from the mountains of Nepal, Myanmar, or central China, probably weighs less than 20 pounds, and is about 40 inches long from his head to the tip of his tail.

Rusty the Red Panda

Rusty the Red Panda



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