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Even though I have been here last summer, last semester, and this semester, I continue to learn more and more about all the opportunities in DC. So this is a bit side tracked from my internship experience, but I would venture to say that a big part of my internship experience is my location. As a rising senior, I have about 10001 doubts and questions about what I want to do with my life. No number of internships has given my a definitive answer on what I want to do, and that’s for one key reason: I have a variety of interests and none that outshine others. I like policy analysis. I like teaching and student interaction. I like economics. I like communications. I like research. I like case management. If the world could somehow group all that into one job title, my life would be a lot easier, but alas I have yet to find that title. Even though options are good, in my case it’s hectic. I’ve been prepping for the LSAT, GRE, and Praxis as a result of wanting to have options. Call me crazy (because yes that’s a little unnecessary) but my opinion is that options are good and I don’t know how my interests career-wise will change over the next year. Back to the point, did  you know most cities offer free practice test centers!? I just learned this and got excited that I can just walk in to some test center for the LSAT, GRE, etc and see how I am progressing on my studying. I think that timed practice tests are the best way to get better at these tests, if you’re looking into postgraduate schooling.

Some things I’d like to point out that I wish I knew earlier-

1. The LSAT score stays on your record for 5 years, and many recommend taking the exam fresh out of college after your analytical skills have been sharpened for 4 years (Thanks Dickinson!)

2. GRE scores also last for 5 years and because of the frequency with which the test is given, you have time to study. From my experience, GRE material can be learned, whereas most of the LSAT material is skill.

3. Job experience post college is a great idea. While it is hard to land a job out of college, good advice would be to work your connections. You never know where you will find assistance.

4. Don’t stress. Pre-planning and organizing your goals is great, but stressing won’t get anything done. Believe me, I spent too much time stressing; time that should have been spent better utilized.

5. Ask the Dickinson Career Center for help! Try to research Dickinson alumni for career advice. They’re more than willing to help from my experience, and it is comforting to hear their career paths to discover the many options you have.

My best piece of advice would be to just talk to people. Ask for opinions, advice, guidance.  Doing what you love is important in a career, so utilize your resources to learn more about different career paths. I’ve learned more about how many different paths there really are through just asking people how they got to where they are now.

One last thing, I am pleased to officially welcome President Nancy Roseman on her first day in office! I’m excited to see the influence she has on Dickinson.

Have a good Forth of July! Hopefully the lightening and fireworks don’t get in the way of the fireworks and BBQs 🙂

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