Can't Stay Away from the DC Summer Rays
My Internship at the Center for Immigration Studies
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I used to think reflections and questions that sound like you’re in a therapy session were silly. As I have been learning, these types of


questions are important to making the most of each of  your experiences. While I am doing the transcript notation program that Dickinson offers, I have had the opportunity to reflect on things such as my workplace environment, coworkers, objectives, goals, etc. and each of these reflections has given me the chance to focus in on my original plans. In such a busy city, it is easy to get lost or side tracked – been there, done that. However, I have noticed that taking some time every week or so just to think about what you did that week or what you would like to do the next is a good way to evaluate your progress. For me, I did this through these blogs. I looked back at each of them today and saw that I accomplished many, if not all, of my original goals.

Today morning, I was writing thank you letters to all my coworkers and staff here at CIS and I realized that I have had a good memory with each and every one of them. I reflected on how I wanted to make the most of people here and networking, and where better than your own workplace? I was able to thank each of the staff with personalized notes about how exactly each of them made my summer experience better. This reflection helped me understand my desire to work with a close-knit group. I won’t get into any more detail for your sanity, but I hope you take the time to reflect on all your experiences and evaluate whether you are accomplishing all you hoped to.

Thanks to the Dickinson Career grant, I was able to pursue my goals this summer, and will be coming back to Dickinson in the Fall hopefully a better rounded person with a new slew of experiences under my belt.

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