Plumlee Gets the Pick

The Springfield Armor hosted their annual NBA Draft Watch Party on June 27th and it turned out to be a great event! Every year the Armor invites the public to come hang out with staff, the mascot, and members of the dance team at a local restaurant to watch the NBA Draft. The event was free to attend and featured free appetizers, door prizes, and more!

A lot of preparation went into the party and everyone in the office played a significant role in planning, coordinating, and executing different components of the event. In the weeks leading up to the draft, my job was to design flyers and other promotional materials to advertise the party. I was also responsible for generating interest on our social media sites. The picture below is an example of a post used to show some of the door prizes people could win.


During the party I was in charge of our “Top Six” contest. Anyone who wanted to participate in the contest could fill out who they believed the top six draft picks were going to be and whoever got the most right would receive a prize. The contest generated a lot of interest and it was fun to see people joking around with their friends about who was going to be the top pick.(Only three people accurately chose Anthony Bennett as the No. 1 pick.)

The night ended up a success. There was a great turnout and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Check out some of the pictures taken at the party!


Other exciting news that came from the draft was the selection of Mason Plumlee! The Armor’s NBA affiliate, the Brooklyn Nets, drafted the 7’1″ center from Duke with their 22nd overall draft pick. Congrats Mason!


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