Please Don’t Kick the Mascot!

As an intern, one of my responsibilities’ is to accompany the team mascot to various community events. This has been one of my favorite tasks as I get the chance to interact with different community members who may or may not be familiar with the Springfield Armor. When I go to events I have a few different responsibilities. Sometimes I head the sales table and provide general information about the Armor and the various ticket packages we have available, but most often, and what I enjoy most, is following the mascot around for good photo opportunities that we can use on our social media pages later. The photos in this post are from the Westfield, MA Annual Pancake Breakfast that I attended last Thursday morning. (And, yes, I did get free pancakes.)


pancakes 6

pancakes 2

I love to see how excited kids get over having our mascot, Steal, at these events. While some love the mascot and can’t seem to get enough of him, others run away screaming and crying. (I admit, our mascot is pretty terrifying…) A lot of kids like to take advantage of the fact that he is supposed to be a “Man of Steel” and kick him as hard as they can. Luckily, the parents are usually on standby to save our mascot from having too many welts on him. (It’s amazing how much strength 5 year olds have!) Below are some cute pictures of kids with our mascot, who has over the years acquired the nickname “Buckethead” (for obvious reasons).

pancakes 4

pancakes 5

For the most part, other interns wear the mascot suit. Fortunately, I haven’t had to wear the suit yet and I’m knocking on wood that I won’t have to in this heat!

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