Ice Cream and Extra Cash

Although I am incredibly grateful for my internship opportunity this summer, having an unpaid internship isn’t easy. It’s been tough for me to squeeze in time to make some cash when I intern 8 and a half hours a day. For the past two summers I’ve worked at a local restaurant/golf range/ice cream place called Scotti’s and I’ve been lucky enough to pick up some long weekend shifts (sometimes 10 hours a day!) there this summer. My boss has even been nice enough to create some “mini shifts” for me during the week so that I can make some extra cash, so some days I head right to Scotti’s for a few hours after I’m done at the Springfield Armor office.

Even though the majority of my free time this summer has been spent at Scotti’s, I actually don’t mind it. I love my co-workers and, hey, I get free ice cream and delicious food so I can’t complain. Although it doesn’t look like much from the outside, Scotti’s has some of the best food in town and it is ALWAYS busy! If you’re ever in Western Mass and looking for a good place to eat, make sure you stop by and check it out…I’ll make you a beautiful ice cream cone! (I’ve even been complimented on my ice cream craftsmanship in the caf at school.)


Asides from working at Scotti’s to help alleviate some of the stresses that come from doing an unpaid internship, the internship grant has been a huge life saver! I’ve been able to use the grant money to help pay for the gas I use going to and from my internship everyday. Springfield is about a half hour away from my home in Northampton so I can’t even imagine how I would afford to do an unpaid internship without the grant.

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