Final Reflection

After finally getting moved out of New York and settled in Carlisle, I have time to reflect on my summer internship. Working at Lloyd and Co was incredibly rewarding in the sense that I was able to have a small glimpse into the working world. Being eager to jump right into projects, I had to work on being patient and starting out slowly in terms of the tasks that I was given to work on. This was a frustrating aspect for me personally because I found myself constantly looking for more things to do. Luckily, as the summer progressed and I became more comfortable with my supervisor, she was more willing to give me larger and more important projects.

Things to remember as you are finishing up your job…. Always remember to repeatedly thank your supervisor for your job opportunity. On my last day I gave my supervisor a candle and thank you note as a small but thoughtful gesture. Also, I assured her that I would love to keep in touch in terms of references for job searching and future opportunities.

So, in conclusion I am so grateful for my experience and recommend taking full advantage of every opportunity that you are given! Being able to participate in my unpaid internship due to the help of the INP  was amazing!


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