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Final Reflection

After finally getting moved out of New York and settled in Carlisle, I have time to reflect on my summer internship. Working at Lloyd and Co was incredibly rewarding in the sense that I was able to have a small glimpse into the working world. Being eager to jump right into projects, I had to work on being patient and starting out slowly in terms of the tasks that I was given to work on. This was a frustrating aspect for me personally because I found myself constantly looking for more things to do. Luckily, as the summer progressed and I became more comfortable with my supervisor, she was more willing to give me larger and more important projects.

Things to remember as you are finishing up your job…. Always remember to repeatedly thank your supervisor for your job opportunity. On my last day I gave my supervisor a candle and thank you note as a small but thoughtful gesture. Also, I assured her that I would love to keep in touch in terms of references for job searching and future opportunities.

So, in conclusion I am so grateful for my experience and recommend taking full advantage of every opportunity that you are given! Being able to participate in my unpaid internship due to the help of the INP  was amazing!


Coming To An End

This past week, the intern office definitely seemed a little off. With only a week remaining after this, many of my intern friends had already finished their time at Lloyd and Co. With this being said, the remaining three interns are definitely receiving more responsibilities.

This week, I got to take a little field trip to the Adidas showroom to package and ship out some of their clothing and sneakers for our latest photo shoot. It was very exciting to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating a successful advertisement and branding campaign. Following my previous advice, I was one of the first to volunteer for this assignment, seeing as it shows enthusiasm towards the companies overall success.

Earlier that day, I was asked to compile a group of pictures of potential models to be chosen for the upcoming photo shoots! This was an exciting experience to be able to pick out of a variety of photos to send immediately to the client. Starting to gain more and more responsibility with each week is a great feeling!

On Friday, I was asked to continue working for the Adidas account in terms of research. Lloyd and Co needed to know about all things Adidas. From their history to their previous campaigns, I was in charge of looking for anything and everything. Creating a word document, as well as compiling many folders of photographs and interesting articles, was just the start to this particular extensive research assignment.

Final posts to come as I finish up my time in NYC!

Reaching Out!

As part of the INP, you are asked to reach out to an employee and take some time to learn a little bit about their job and how they got to where they are. This week I talked to Holly Cowan, who is an account exec for a few of our major clients. Holly, was an intern at Lloyd and Co, just as I was. It was exciting to hear about her experience and how she transitioned from the place I am in to being incredibly happy in her current job. Holly was extremely positive in giving advice and letting me know that while yes, intern work is pretty dull at times, it is absolutely crucial in not only having experience but also creating connections.

More to come!

Week Four

My week back to Lloyd and Co, following a much needed family vacation, was a little slow. Earlier this week there was a huge deadline for one of our clients, which usually leaves the office pretty quiet towards Thursdays and Fridays. This week I focused on catching up on some scanning for the July issue of Vogue UK. These daily assignments that I have grown used to, seem so trivial, however they end up being crucial to the success of the company. Whenever someone needs inspiration or to look up a certain ad, our scans are available for them.

This week I also helped out with swipes. ‘Swipes’ are often requested by our superiors and are used as research. So, for example, if someone emails asking for advertisements featuring 3 female models, we go through the database or internet to pull any relevant pictures. By doing this, we make their job a lot easier when they are working on a new concept or pitch.

Until next week!

Some Intern Advice!

After my fourth week at Lloyd and Co, I have picked up on a few things that I would like to share with you all!

1. Any time any sort of task, no matter how big or small, always offer to help out. Whether its going on a search through the city for a certain magazine (one of my tasks this week) or sorting lookbooks, by completing even the simplest tasks you are showing how dedicated you are to the company.

2. Make friends with the other interns. Being at Lloyd and Co, there are about 10 interns and we spend each day together in our own little intern room. By making friends with each of them, you always have someone to talk to and ask for advice or help on your assignments. It also shortens the work day a little too!

3. Reach out to your superiors! Always talk to your supervisor or other employees to learn a little bit about what they do. Taking interest in their daily tasks can show how much you care about the job!

More to come!

Great News!

It has been awhile since I’ve posted, due to vacation and crazy work days but its time to fill you in on whats new with my internship!

Thanks to Dickinson’s internship grant, which I applied for after completing registration for the INP, I was able to take this amazing, yet unpaid, internship in NYC.

This week while working, I was browsing the companies tumblr, only to find my own competitive research assignment posted on their tumblr! This was super exciting to see that my work had been used as an example on their page. Knowing that my work and research is paying off was a great feeling.

I have posted a picture of what they put on their tumblr! (As you can see its from my previous competitive research post)

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.40.37 AM

Competitive Research Assignment

This week each of the interns were asked to complete a crucial competitive analysis for one of Lloyd and Co’s top clients. Due to confidentiality reasons, I am unable to disclose which client or specific details. However, I will share the basics of my personal assignment.

For this product, I was asked to search through any and all archives, websites and photographs of previous models that this company had used throughout their campaigns. I started looking back through the 1960s up until 2005, creating an InDesign document with ‘Now and Then’ photos, quotations about their modeling pasts and more. This was a really cool assignment for me to work on because I got to look into the history of these amazing models while also being able to see where they are now. Most of these women have become very successful even writing books on their experiences.

With any luck, my document could help the company to contact one of these ladies for an upcoming campaign! I would love to see that my research paid off when I see future advertisements of this brand!