Bonobos Is My New Normal

Today was my last day.  Simple, right?  Not really.  To accurately describe what I did at Bonobos, what I learned, and the amazing people I met is impossible.  I can really only begin to scratch the surface all these things.  I know it sounds cliche, but it is the honest answer.

I feel like I learned so much.  Not all of what I learned what some new strategy or method, some of it was extremely logical.  However, it never occurred to me because I was never in a position to think of it before.  Nevertheless, I did learn new strategies and methods.  I learned what it means to have a defined office culture, and how that is used to be more efficient in the work place.  I learned strategies when working with foreigners and even the guy down the street at a company you deal with maybe a few times a year.

The grant I received from the Dickinson College Career Center really made my experience this summer at Bonobos financially possible, and I want to thank them kindly for granting me that scholarship.  I have grown, learned and lived so much this summer, and I will never forget it.  I look forward to talking with everyone at Bonobos, and hopefully visiting them soon!

I might write another blog entry when I’ve had more time to really reflect about the past 10 weeks, but I also feel that a blog post written while I’m experiencing the end is also a valuable insight into what I think.  Major take-aways from this summer: to make pants fun, people before profit, in pants we trust.  This is the ninja way.  This is the Bonobos way.

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