So I guess I’ve reached the less exciting stage of my internship. Now that I’ve become familiar with most elements of my internship, I’m now fully equipped to fulfill my many important tasks as an intern of the Office of Congresswoman Niki Tsongas.

Just kidding. I’m not bored yet. While most things I do seem repetitive, I still genuinely enjoy doing all of them exactly as how I felt when I was first introduced to them. I’ve written nine letters responding to students from our district and, during the composition of each letter, I was surprised by the level of intellectual curiosity that these students demonstrated throughout their words. Why didn’t I write to Niki when I was in high school?

I wrote a decision memo on the Anti-lunch Shaming Act of 2017, which outlaws four common lunch-shaming techniques prevalent across America used by school cafeteria staff toward students enrolled in free lunch programs or have negative lunch account balance. I was not even aware that this practice exists in America! Reading about the details of how these practices take place and the interviews with children and their parents almost moved me to tears. Participating in the process of pushing through this act makes me feel like I was making a difference using the little power I have right now.

I’m very content about my internship. I think I’m living exactly as I want my 20-year-old self to live.

I don’t really have a picture for this post so here’s a picture that I took at Hirshborn two weekends ago.