peace and appreciation

Kids N’ Culture is a non-profit working hard to give inner-city students the opportunity to go abroad. These are personally selected students that possess the desire to expand their cultural comfort zones and the curiosity to learn the realities of another country. I was fortunate enough to have been one of these students in my junior year of high school and it undoubtedly sparked a drive to continue living with a global citizen perspective. I remember writing in my application “we are bound by the borders we make and I’m not sure if we want to keep people out, as much as we want to keep people in” regarding immigration policies. I remember articulating how borders provide literal and figurative implications for the individual and collective perception of who belongs to a country.

I’ve pushed myself to find authentic means of experiencing and challenging the notion of borders ever since.

Students from my time in Tanzania with Kids N’ Culture

Now having the chance to assist this organization in broadening the world for more city students to come feels like the most rewarding way to spend my time. I am excited to directly witness and participate in the day to day functions that are essential to running Kids N’ Culture and any other non-profit.

I really am just thanking my lucky stars for aligning me in such a beautiful opportunity like this.


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