My hours are scattered throughout the day and sometimes I’m in the office and sometimes I’m not, and sometimes I work with the other college/Kids N’ Culture alum, Rachel and sometimes I don’t. I’ve found that depending on the project or task, there is a clear correlation between my environment and my effectiveness.

Rachel and I have been working on a new fundraising proposal for in-classroom Kids N’ Culture curriculum workshops across the country. These workshops are free of charge to the teachers and schools participating in the workshops, but they are expensive. Rachel and I have been using A-B testing to see which email is better received from donors and new-comers. 

Rachel and I get along really well and it has been so comforting to have another intern (the same age as me) to navigate the areas where I am unsure of how to go forward on my own. We are test subjects for each other of what works best as future professionals and how other our unique work style can collaborate. 

This is Rachel at one of our meetings with the student ambassadors leaving for Ecuador. 

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