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Summer was winding down, my internship was wrapping up and my year-long study abroad was approaching all at the same time and it was pretty overwhelming for me. I’m not new to different stresses happening simultaneously but as I get older, these stresses carry more weight and more significance.

One of my skillset goals this summer was to strengthen my ability to multitask, to know how equitably distribute effort and attention to the varying/conflicting tasks in my life. I believe by the end of the summer and the internship, while I felt split between being completely immersed at work and being completely immersed in the preparation of my leaving, I really found my own process of multitasking.

Although I worked every day, most of my hours were remote so I started each week organizing my work requirements between tasks that were feasible to complete while I was en route to different appointments and tasks that demanded single-minded focus and a non-distracting environment. This allowed me to move more seamlessly and deliberately between work and the inevitable pace of life.

I feel very fortunate to have been in a nurturing workspace that I felt comfortable to be transparent with my ‘higher-ups’ without sacrificing work boundaries. I was able to talk more freely with my bosses about how I could best be completing tasks because I was in a space that didn’t make me feel as though personalism and professionalism were mutually exclusive

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