“A Siege of Salt and Sand”

A Siege of Salt and Sand is a documentary which successfully portrays the relationship between climate change and politics in Tunisia. It shows the difficulty people have accessing clean drinking water and land suitable for farming and development. The documentary shows how farmers in the region are the most vulnerable to climate change because they have to deal with its effects first-hand. Farmers are seen in the documentary appealing to the government for assistance, but these governments have been unwilling to provide any support.

The documentary proves how ineffective governments can be in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) when it comes to fighting climate change. For example, the government of Tunisia created a mascot for the environment instead of actually implementing policies to help the environment. The Tunisian economy is also in jeopardy unless solutions to these problems are created. Although the new government after Ben Ali was deposed includes climate change in its constitution, the government needs to implement long-lasting and effective solutions in order for the country to progress.


Tunisian government’s environmental mascot

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