Alzheimer’s Association Moving Locations!


As I begin my internship at the Alzheimer’s Association and start to form relationships with my new co-workers, it just so happens that the organization is moving locations to a much larger and more accessible office building. Although my first few days at the Alzheimer’s Association have involved packing boxes, organizing supplies, and helping each worker with anything they may need, I have served as a tremendous help through the stressful and overwhelming situation of transferring to a completely new location. I have been very needed with regards to organizing how the new offices and rooms will be set up and determining how to go about organizing each room. Additionally, as I have been going through all office supplies and walk materials, I have learned a great deal about which supplies are needed for each event and how they are all used. Despite the fact that I have yet to partake in any event planning, I have served as a large aid with the move that has reduced the stress of all co-workers and allowed for a very smooth transition to the new location. With a much larger location, I am learning exactly how beneficial it is for each worker to have their own space to work, instead of all working in one room together which was the case at the previous location. A much larger office space allows for an increase in productivity as each member is able to have their own privacy to make phone calls, check emails, and work more individually instead of constantly chatting with others and being in a loud environment. Additionally, the new events that I will be working on will be able to run much more smoothly since all event materials will be well organized and easily found when needed, along with each member of this association having a delegated office to complete their part for each event more efficiently.

I am looking forward to being of more help this summer at the Alzheimer’s Association!

-Kyra A


Below is a picture of the new office building for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Image result for 70 new canaan avenue norwalk ct

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