Finally Moved In!

Hello from the new location!

After about a week and a half, the Alzheimer’s Association has officially moved into their new location, which has around 5 office rooms, a conference room, a waiting room, and a full kitchen which is a major improvement from the previous location which had only 2 office rooms and a large conference space. I have successfully helped with this transition and have now been assigned to unpack boxes and re-organize the space so that all workers can easily find any materials they might be looking for. I have learned a great deal about the importance of a comfortable office environment and the organization of all office materials which directly effect the productivity and efficiency of all workers. I have recently come to the realization that often times in an office space, the small things, such as having a sink and bathroom directly available in the office, are very valuable to the workers and make their lives much easier so that they can be more efficient and can┬áspend more of their time focusing on their job. The old location did not have many appliances ┬áto fit the basic needs of the workers, and therefore it was much more difficult to be as productive. Now with a huge kitchen, conference room, and offices with beautiful windows and lighting, productivity can be at its highest. I have also become much more aware of various organizing strategies that can be extremely beneficial for an office space such as labeling every box on the outside and making sure that each brochure is able to be seen easily from the outside in order to reduce the amount of time workers take finding what they are looking for. Now that I have organized everything in the new space and have delegated a space for myself and my future projects, we are now getting ready to start preparing for upcoming events such as the Gazebo event and the walks!

-Kyra A

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