Marketing for Upcoming Walks!


This week, I have been informed on everything that goes into the upcoming walk events, including marketing strategies for recruiting teams for the events. Although both walks for the Alzheimer’s Association are not until September and October, the tremendous amount of work that needs to go into these walks makes it imperative to start organizing the event far in advance. I have been doing a great deal of research on creating a list of contacts of people who would potentially be interested in forming a team for the walk such as local companies, high school athletic teams, and Greek organizations at nearby universities. I have also familiarized myself a great deal with the Alzheimer’s Association website that includes possible ways for recruiting teams in the area. I have now formed an extensive excel spreadsheet with possible contacts from neighboring towns in Connecticut who we might want to consider contacting to start their own team for our walks. This project of mine will most likely last many weeks since I can always look into adding more contacts to my list, such as church groups which I will look into next. However, I believe that I have created a great starting list to begin contacting people in order to raise the most amount of money and make these walks a huge success. This assignment has been very interesting to me and I have learned a lot about marketing strategies and the best ways to contact people.

-Kyra A

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