Starting Walk Preparation!


Starting this week, the majority of my time is going to be spent helping to raise money and recruit teams for the walks that will take place in a few months. The two walks that this Connecticut chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association are in charge of are the Norwalk, CT walk which takes place in October and the Danbury, CT walk which occurs in September. Today, I sat in on a conference call with the National Headquarters for the Alzheimer’s Association for the top 30 walks in the country. Our chapter made the top 30 highest fundraising walks in the country for the Norwalk walk last year, and so we were able to listen into the conference call that discussed changes in the website for this year along with helpful strategies for marketing and fundraising. One of the most prominent strategies that was emphasized in the call was to gain more sponsors from companies for our walks since they have previously been shown to raise double the amount of the average walk team, which would increase the likelihood of reaching our goal of $500,000 for the Norwalk walk. Listening to this conference call really helped me gain a much better understanding of what work needs to be done to reach our goal for both walks and learn about new ways of contacting a wider range of companies and businesses to raise money and create more teams. I am looking forward to doing more work and research on ways to go about raising money for each walk.

-Kyra A

Below is an example of a fundraising event where people participate in an activity and all proceeds go toward the Alzheimer’s Association.

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