Preparation for the Gazebo Event!


This week, the Alzheimer’s Association held a supporter event at the Gazebo in Norwalk, CT. Although I was not able to attend the actual event, I was a part of the organization and preparation for the event. This event was extremely successful and raised a lot of money for this organization. I was able to help organize the event and spread awareness for more people to know what this event is and the importance of attending it so that we were able to have a large turn-out. Although smaller events like this one do not tend to be the main focus for most people since they do not raise as much money as the walks that take place, these kind of supporter events are extremely beneficial for the Alzheimer’s Association because they raise a combined amount of money that is crucial for this organization to reach its yearly goal. I have learned that with non-profit organizations, every dollar counts, so although individual supporter events may appear like they do not raise much money, if multiple events like this one takes place each week, a large amount of money can be raised just with these events alone. It is often easy to focus all of your attention on the larger and more well-known events such as the walks that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, but in the end, all of the money raised goes toward the same cause. Through this event I have also learned about the importance of networking at the smaller events in order to spread awareness in smaller locations about our organization and about influencing more people to donate and start their own teams for the walks. I have really enjoyed being a part of my first official event at the Alzheimer’s Association and am so glad it was a success!

-Kyra A

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