Advertising for the Alzheimer’s Association!


Today I have been assigned to research potential social media outlets for Norwalk and Danbury, which are where our two walks are held in a few months. So, I have created an excel spreadsheet with a list of Magazine publications, newspapers, radio stations, along with TV news stations and contact information for each. Advertising is one of the most important aspects of the walk events because it allows us to spread the word about these events in order to obtain more teams and donations and make the walks a huge success. I have done a lot of research on news sources to contact in order to advertise the Alzheimer’s Association walks that will be occurring. I am learning a great deal about the importance of marketing and advertising for any event in order to get as many people as possible to participate and know about what the event is, where and when it is, and how to join. I will most likely be contacting these news sources soon or have other volunteers look over the list I have made and add their own ideas for people to contact first. We have also recently received a great deal of marketing materials for the walks such as bumper stickers, window clingers, donation boxes, lawn signs, and tear-off sheets with the walk information on all of them. These materials will soon be distributed throughout all of the neighboring towns in Connecticut in order to spread awareness even more for the walks. I have already put a car magnet on my car and am going to be start placing tear-off sheets and lawn signs wherever I can around town! I am really enjoying helping to spread the word about the Alzheimer’s Association walks!

-Kyra A


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