Recruiting the Town!


Today, my co-intern and I have been asked to go to local stores and companies in the neighboring towns of Fairfield, CT. We were told to spread awareness around downtown Fairfield and Westport and ask stores/restaurants if they would be willing to have us put donation boxes on their front desk or hang tear-off sheets with the Walk to End Alzheimer’s information on it. We also wanted to have stores potentially purchase a mile marker which means that the company would sponsor the Alzheimer’s Association at the walk by paying $200 for a lawn sign with their name on it, and the ultimate goal would be to have a company start their own team for the walk. Although asking store owners about getting involved with our organization was intimidating at first, after we went to a couple places, we started to get the hang of it and became more confident in ourselves. Overall, this trip was a huge success for spreading the word about fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association walk in Norwalk. In downtown Fairfield, we were very successful at having store owners and managers agree to have donation boxes put on their desks along with tear-off sheets on bulletin boards in stores along with in various public spaces. However, our biggest success of the day was when we went to downtown Westport and spoke to the owner of the Vineyard Vines store there, who agreed to host an event for us to fundraise there by allowing us to have a table in the store in order to recruit more people to start teams and get involved, along with having 10% of all purchases at the store on that day to be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Additionally, the owner said that although they are not allowed to purchase a mile marker, they would be happy to make a $200 donation to the cause and also agreed to start their own team for the Norwalk walk, which came to us as an extremely happy surprise. So, although every other store did not seem very interested in starting a team or buying a mile marker and simply agreed to hold donation boxes and tear-off sheets, the success that resulted from going into Vineyard Vines made the entire day even more worthwhile. I have learned a great deal about how to communicate with business owners and  how to make fundraising for our organization more of an incentive for them to advertise for their company in the goal of raising as much money as possible.

-Kyra A

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