Updating the Chapter’s Facebook Page!


As my time interning for the Alzheimer’s Association sadly comes to an end, my final assignment is to brainstorm ideas for our chapter’s Facebook event page for the Norwalk Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 8th. My co-intern and I have come up with some very fun ideas to get the attention of our followers and even have more people follow the page in the future. For example, we came up with days such as “Motivation Monday”, “Tip Tuesday”, and “Why I Walk Wednesday”, where we would attach a picture or quote to go along with the post to make people excited about the upcoming walk along with become more motivated to keep fundraising for their teams. We have created multiple folders that include fun ideas and pictures that we can post as weekly reminders for teams and fun ideas for fundraising tips. Although I will not be there in the next few weeks to actually post to the event page, I am happy to have started brainstorming for this Facebook page which will do a great deal of encouraging everyone to fundraise for their team or start their own team if they were not already involved. I am so glad I got to be a part of yet another marketing strategy for the walk because I understand how important it is to spread awareness about this organization and its events. Overall, I have learned a tremendous amount about the workplace, specifically about non-profit organizations, have grown as a person and an intellectual, and am so grateful for this internship experience.

-Kyra A

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