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July 23rd, 2019

The past two weeks have been the last two weeks of school, so activities in the classroom have been full of energy as the students get ready to go on summer break.  Mrs.Page took the majority of the eighth-grade class to Washington D.C. for a week, so I stayed back and was able to cover her seventh-grade classes (one French and one Spanish) as well as work with the eighth-graders who stayed behind while she was away.  With the seventh-graders, I was able to work on a whole weeks worth of work, which was super exciting, as this was my first time teaching these students on my own.  The lesson of the week consisted of learning how to properly use dictionary/translator sources, so each day we did a different activity together and then on Friday, which is ‘GameDay’ the students played a game I had created that was a compilation of movie titles in Spanish/French that they had to then translate into English to guess what movie it was.  They really enjoyed the activity and I was able to see the work we had done all week then be used by the students in a more contextualized format.  The last week was a whole mess of final remarks and bursting energy and goodbyes, and it felt good to be a part of the community as it wound down for the summer.

The experience that I have had at Captain Nathan Hale throughout my internship and over the past two years doing externships there has been one of a kind, and so helpful in my path to determining what career path I am interested in pursuing after college.  The externship program at Dickinson is how I originally came into contact with Mrs.Page, and so after the first time working together, I knew that I wanted to do more work with her.  That is why I applied to do to the same externship with her again, and during that time together over winter break of 2019, I mentioned to her my internship requirement for the Education major and she immediately started to contact the principal of the school and other members of the administration.  We had a long flow of contact throughout the early spring via email and phone call until eventually, we found out how we could make an internship program work and received all of the clearances on her end.

The biggest advice I have is to find Dickinson alums to do an internship with because it gives you a level of connection before you have even started to work together that makes it more comfortable and easy to start working together quickly.  They are usually going to be looking out for your best interest because if they are working with you it is because they had a good experience at Dickinson and want to help current students.  Here are a few more tips on finding an internship and being a good intern:

-do an internship experience even if you don’t think it is exactly what you’re interested in, it is just as helpful to figure out things that you don’t want to do as it is to find out what you do (and you never know you may love the field you work in)

-don’t hold back, you can only learn and grow if you put yourself out there

-remember this is a chance you have to work in the area of your choosing, take full advantage of the resources around you

-respect the mentor you are working with and also use them as a resource constantly, they are the person who is giving you insight on this career option, ask them as many questions as you can think of and also ask them to really get you involved on site

-take notes during the internship experience so you know how you felt about the environment you were and the role you served and your interest level so that you know how to navigate looking for future internships/jobs

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. Photo with the Seventh-Grade Spanish Class

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