Calendar Talk, Soap Operas, and More

July 23rd, 2019

The past two weeks I was able to work more directly with the students in the Spanish classes and Mrs.Page even let me lead calendar talk and participate in activities of the day with the students.  During calendar talk I was able to use my Spanish to try and communicate with the students, asking them questions about the day itself (weather, what day of the week it is, how they were feeling that day) as well as what they had done the day/night before, or days prior.  This allowed for the circulation of dialogue throughout the classroom, peers helping each other to assist them in communicating what they were trying to say in Spanish.  Through this activity, I was able to see how important my impact as an educator is/would be up close, as the students then looked to me to help me with their Spanish writing and referring to me when asking how to say a specific word in Spanish.

Additionally these past two weeks, the students worked on soap operas in both the Spanish and French classes.  Therefore, I was able to work with groups on an individual basis, help edit their scripts, give them my opinion on a scene they were filming, and also get to know the students more in an isolated setting, and observe how they interacted with each other.  This activity allowed me to get to know the French classes as a bit more even though I was not helping them with the language directly, I could give them advice on their soap operas, and also get to know them as students.

The past few weeks have been really key to me finding a role in the classes I am working with, as now I am a trusting and familiar face for these students.  Additionally, I have grown closer with Mrs.Page and the other Spanish teacher through their weekly meetings planning the activities they will do with the students, and when sharing ideas about what to do about certain activities they used some of mine, making me a part of their language teaching team.  I have also interacted with many other teachers around the school through lunch periods and just hallway and copy room interactions, and have really started to feel comfortable as a part of the community.  There are also some student teachers who are getting their teaching degree currently at UConn who I have been able to work with and talk to about their experience getting their degree, and why they have chosen to work with middle schoolers, which has been really beneficial to me during my own journey trying to decide what part of the education field I would like to work in one day.

The comfortability I have formed with the faculty and students at the school makes it very easy for me to ask for help and ask them questions that I am curious about on a day to day basis.  This has been key to my knowledge development and ultimately be a helpful addition to Mrs.Page’s classroom and the Captain Nathan Hale community as a whole.  All of these faculty members that I have met with are there as resources now for me that I can turn to if I need advice or am looking for a specific way to work in some field of education.  Mrs.Page is a fantastic mentor for me and I know that I can always turn to her in networking when I am back at Dickinson or at home.

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. Photo with Eighth Grade French Class

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