Wrapping it Up

July 23rd, 2019

The last two weeks at my internship site I have been curriculum planning with Mrs.Page for her classes next year.  These last two weeks have been the most informative for me as I have never done curriculum planning or seen it done before by any teachers.  I was able to learn about the Connecticutt system that the public schools use to enter their curricular data for the school year, which was really interesting for me.  Additionally, Mrs.Page taught me how to use the system, so I was able to enter the data in for the Spanish curriculum for next year based on her French curriculum.  We chatted frequently and discussed what activities she wanted to keep from this year, what I had observed since being there, and she entered the activities I had done with the students throughout my internship and the powerpoints/lessons I had made, which was extremely satisfying to see my work being used by another teacher who I learned so much from.

The relationships I formed with the students and how comfortable they became with me made me really feel like an important part of the community and I know from their actions that I impacted them even if just a little bit.  These connections I find to be the best part of the education field, the bonds you create with students who are learning from you and the people you work with and help you do it.  If they are positive an the environment is supportive, education can be such a powerful instrument and really be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  This is an important factor in today’s world as the influence of technology and the fast-moving world have affected the interest level of a lot of young students and their relationship with their education.

The most important thing I have learned over the course of my internship is that I am certain that I want to work with children in an educational environment.  This has come through during the amount of time I spent at the school and how rewarding a job I have found teaching to be.  Though I am not sure what type of school or age group exactly yet, this experience solidified the career path choice I want to make.  I have been so lucky to work with Mrs.Page, as a Dickinson alum she has made me hopeful for all the possibilities I have after graduating, and as a language teacher, she has given me so much advice and ideas for the future.  She has become a really important role model to me and I know we will keep in touch (we have each other’s phone numbers and addresses) and I am sure I will pop in next year to say hello during a break.  I am so glad to have had this experience, and the Dickinson externship program and the grant that I received were both key parts to making it successful.  The long commute was the one point of difficulty in my internship site and Dickinson granted me the ability to do it with less stress of worrying about gas money for the whole eight weeks which incredibly beneficial.  I hope that many other Dickinsonsonians can have an experience like mine through a Dickinson alum.

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative. Mrs.Page and I on-site at Captain Nathan Hale Middle School


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