Senior Research Presentations: Departments of Africana Studies and Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies

Departments of Africana Studies, and Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies

Senior Presentations 2013

Saturday, April 27, Althouse 106

9:30 Welcome
Lynn Johnson (chair, Africana Studies) and Marcelo Borges (chair, LALC Studies)

Andrew Hill:  “The Emancipation of LeBron James: Re-Defining the Slave Narrative of the NBA (Africana Studies)

Thiago Branco, “The Implementation of Affirmative Action Policies in Brazilian Higher Education Institutions: Overview, Challenges, Policies, and Consequences” (LALC Studies)

Edwin Einbender-Luks, “Indigenous Activism and Reemergence in Argentina: Reclaiming History and Rights” (LALC Studies)

Chair: Carolina Castellanos

Justine Davenport, “When Hegemony Meets Change: The Status of U.S. Hegemony in Latin America as Told by Brazil, China and Cuba’s Relations” (LALC Studies)

Jeanne Muller, “Those Who Build the City: Urbanization, Informality, and Self-help Housing in Quito, Ecuador” (LALC Studies)

Chair: Héctor Reyes Zaga

Alexandra Agiliga: “Reclaiming Sexuality and Asserting Agency: Black Women in Sadomasochism” (Africana Studies)

Alexandra Kaye, “Nannies on the Move: A Study of Peruvian Female Immigration to Chile” (LALC Studies)

Carolina Vallejo, “U.S. Immigrant Desirability and the 1930s Mexican Deportations and Repatriations” (LALC Studies)

Chair: Patricia van Leeuwaarde Moonsammy

Lunch break

Hannah Richardson, “Environmentalism Begins at the Breakfast Table: The Presentation of Urban Agriculture as a Sustainable Paradigm for Urban Development in Latin America and the Caribbean Region” (LALC Studies)

Amanda Jo Wildey, “The Local and the Global of Andean Agriculture: Technical Changes and Rural Economy in Coporaque, Peru” (LALC Studies)

Aidan Gaughran, “Mining Mountains, Undermining Metaphors: Human-Mountain Relationships and Mining Protests in the Peruvian Andes” (LALC Studies)

Chair: Maria Bruno

2:15 Concluding Remarks

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