In this course we will explore major literary and cultural trends in Spanish American Poetry from the Modernista and Vanguardia movements. We will trace the origin(s) of the idea of modernity, which are two, depending on what intellectual theories one subscribes to: 1) the beginning of the Portuguese and Spanish long-distance explorations and the invention of the printing press; 2) the emergence of the industrial revolution and its impact on humanity, coinciding with Comte’s positivism and the birth of the modern idea of progress. In turn, we will study the birth of the Spanish American Modernismo (not to be confused with the English Modernism) as a reaction against modernity through the development of a complex linguistic system coupled with imagery rooted in mythology with the idealistic hope of leading humanity to reflect upon the effects of modernity and subsequently generate change. Later in the course, we will turn our attention to the advent and development of the Spanish American Vanguardismo, which radically changed literature worldwide.  Prerequisite: Span 305.

Written on January 18th, 2016

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Latin American Modernismo and Avant-garde Poetry

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