Samos Island and a few of the beautiful scenes that I have explored so far.

Samos Island

The Archipelagos main base is located in Methokampos just about 150m from the beach, and approximately 3 km east of the main tourist town Pythagorio. Pythagorio is a lovely Greek town. The main street is dotted with souvenir and clothing stores alongside grocery markets and ice cream shops. This street leads you down to the harbor, which is lined with friendly, good quality restaurants, and bars that face the yachts and boats moored in the water. If you turn off of the main street and venture through the winded side streets you will find some of the town’s hidden treasures.

Pythagorio in all of its evening glory

My favorite place in Pythagorio is a broken down castle that is situated behind the town right on the sea. I have spent a few evenings eating a picnic with friends and watching the sun go down over the mountains from these ruins. The pictures below show the beautiful panoramic view that this humble location has to offer.


There is a charming monastery in the mountains above Pythagorio. The monastery is situated next to a cave in which there is a smaller prayer room as well. This place offers a breathtaking view of the town below and the sea stretched for miles beyond the marina.


A Few Weekend Adventures 

Last weekend, my sister visited and so we hired a car and drove around to some different areas on the island. We first drove north to a popular tourist town, Kokkari, where we ate lunch on the beautiful beach. Then we continued our drive west to a secluded beach called Mikro Seitani. You have to hike in for about twenty minutes but once you reach the beach it is absolutely breathtaking. We spent the day snorkeling around the rocks and soaking up the sunshine. Later in the day we drove south to visit a small little town and then our final stop was on Balos Beach. We spent the night here lying on the sand underneath an open cave. We watched the stars as we went to sleep and woke up to the sun rising up over the mountains.

View from Kokkari Beach.
Hiking to Mikro Seitani Beach
Mikro Seitani Beach
Balos Beach Cave


Samos is an Island of green mountains and blue waters. The sea surrounding the island is understandably one of the greatest attractions as it offers up the most beautiful views and sceneries. Additionally, the underwater world of the Aegean Sea is a spectacle to be discovered. I have been on one scuba diving excursion since I arrived on Samos and it was very enjoyable. The underwater life in these waters is different to what I am accustomed to seeing in the Indian Ocean off the shores of Mozambique, but it is nonetheless interesting.

Before the Dive.
Mountain to Sea.

Another interesting day trip that I had was to Kasonisi Island. We walked from the main base eastward for approximately 3 hours to reach the shore of Samos that is opposite Kasonisi. The walk there was through the hills and so it was rather tiring but still very beautiful. Once you walk down to the beach, it is shallow enough to cross the channel with your bags above your head to reach the small Island called Kasonisi.

View of Kasonisi Island

I think that I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about the micro plastics field and marine biology in general during my internship as well as being able to explore the beautiful Island that I am living on. I definitely appreciate all that this island has to offer in sceneries, activities and people; and I am so grateful that I have so many more unique experiences still to discover and enjoy.

I would never have been able to accept this internship with Archipelagos if it wasn’t for the generous internship grant that I received from Dickinson College, as well as my parents’ relentless encouragement to pursue such an opportunity! Simply reflecting back on a few of the many ways how I have spent my time on Samos Island really puts into perspective the wonderful experience that I have had so far.

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