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Hello Fellow Bloggers!

This summer seems to have flown by… I can’t believe today was my last day at Isaiah House! It was very emotional to say goodbye to all of the clients and my colleagues, and they all presented me with a giant card, gifts, and many hugs. Although it was sad to say goodbye, it made me feel great to hear them all say that I had made an impression and that they wouldn’t forget me. My boss kept saying how I had done a great job and she even offered to write me raving recommendation. I left Isaiah house feeling loved, accomplished, and inspired.

For anyone interested in working in the mental health field, I’ve learned a few things this summer that i will apply to my studies and my future career. 1) Learn to listen 2) don’t take things too personally, often there is a deeper root to clients anger and you are simply a safe and trust worthy target 3) have an open mind and an open heart- most people are good if you believe in them and respect them and 4) have a sense of humor! i went into this internship nervous and serious but then i realized that laughter, dancing, and casual conversation is just as important as talk-therapy.

Before I end my blog, I would like to say a big thank you and give credit to the career center (Ms. Amity Fox in particular), the internship grant program, the Scaduto Internship Grant, and all of the people at SOME who helped me secure the internship, have a great experience, and who taught me so much about nonprofits. I am so grateful to all of these programs and individuals and could not have had such a wonderful experience without all of their help!

Usually I say “for now” at the end of my posts, but since this is the last one I will end with:



ps. The photo above pictures myself and a few of my colleagues posing with some of the wonderful Isaiah House clients on my last day of work. I will never forget them!