In the final weeks of my internship, I have been able to insert epithelial cells from the stomach into the organ chip. It was really exciting to be able to see how the stomach cells grow and attach differently in comparison to the neural cells.

I’ve been able to learn so much this summer! One of the most important skills I was able to develop was how to work with mice in research. I also enjoyed learning what a career in neuroscience research is like. I’ve also learned that persistence and resilience are very important qualities to have when completing research. A lot of times, experiments don’t go as expected and it’s really important to have the persistence and motivation be able to analyze and improve experiments. I’ve also learned how important it is to make connections with other interns. Developing relationships in the lab is so important to both professional and academic development. I’m so thankful to have these connections and am excited to maintain them during the upcoming semester.


Below, I’ve included my top five internship advice and tips! I’m so thankful for this experience and am so grateful for the Dickinson Internship grant.

1. Apply to internships that interest you. Regardless of where you end up interning, the experience will be so much better and you will be able to learn so much more if you’re interested in the field.

2. Be engaged during your internship. Make sure to ask as many questions as you can, and try to learn as much as possible. Sometimes, tasks aren’t super exciting– try to make the most of them and think about how you can apply them to life at Dickinson, or how you will talk about what you’re doing in a job interview.

3. Document what you learn. A blog can be a great way to do this. Personally, each week I made a google doc. of what I was doing and what I had learned. I know that this is going to be super helpful to return to when applying for jobs.

4. Be open to critique. You’re at your internship to learn. Many supervisors and coworkers are happy to help to refine your skills or learn new ones.

5. Maintain any connections you make during your internship. Be sure to stay in touch with co-workers, and supervisors after your internship ends.