Week One: Complete


This week’s bonus: a trip to pick strawberries!

My first blog post of the summer! My first two weeks have been hectic to say the least, but already really incredible and informative.

So, a quick summary of what I have learned and established so far, and what is to come:

What am I doing?

I am working on growing personally and professionally by interning with organizations that not only do amazing and necessary social justice work, but also align with my goals and interests after college.

Where am I doing it?

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault working specifically with the anti-human trafficking legislation, Project NO REST and working for the Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic.

How do I feel about it so far?

Excited and optimistic.


My first project!

With the Coalition, I have been tasked with researching and reaching out to different training programs for various pilot sites for the Project NO REST grant around North Carolina. I will gather and organize information on these different training programs so that the women I work with can most efficiently decide which programs to bring to the sites.

I have also been asked to work on a project for the Duke Gender Clinic. My job is to design a graphic that the doctors can give to the patients in their information packets. The graphic will show the different routes children and adolescents can take to transition. It will include routes like hormone treatment before, during, and after puberty.


May 21st – June 4th

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