Week 3

This week I attended two SUPER interesting meetings and finished up my project in-between.


June 12th

Location: CBC Fox 50 News Headquarters

People Attending: The combined skills of people who work with the news channel and PR, along with experts on human trafficking from the Project No Rest team

Purpose: To brainstorm for the next step of the Project No Rest marketing campaign, specifically working on the next public service announcement

At this meeting we met with members of the CBC Fox 50 team to discuss the next PSA campaign for Project No Rest. It truly was a brainstorming session where each person would throw out an idea to be discussed, critiqued, and bettered by the others. Some of the challenges they talked about were similar to those we discussed in class. For example: they discussed how to portray a victim of human trafficking. Should an actor be used? Would using a survivor re-exploit them? How do they still stir up public support without portraying an “ideal” victim?


June 16th

Location: UNC School of Social Work

People Attending: Almost all members of the Project No Rest team

Purpose: To discuss their approach to the media when the Polaris human trafficking rankings by state come out early next year.

North Carolina is at the forefront among other states in their anti-human trafficking work. Polaris has a human trafficking hotline, and ranks states based on how many calls come in from that state. Calls can include anything from victims seeking help, to curious community members. Project No Rest not only attends to victims, but raises awareness in the community as well. Because of this, NC has had more calls to the hotline. For those who don’t understand the process, when the rankings come out, it will look like NC has more cases of human trafficking than other states. In this meeting, the team attacked how to approach the media when these rankings come out. They want to be prepared to answer questions and even to start the stories now, so that they can set the record straight.


One thing I noted was the diversity of people at each meeting in both their backgrounds and expertise. This project clearly takes an interdisciplinary approach to ending human trafficking: something we always talk about in class, but plays out almost perfectly here.


June  11th – 17th




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