Week 4

This is the front of the Duke Hospital. It’s quite the grand space, very easy to get lost in.

Two things to note:

1. I was overwhelmed this week with acronyms. Half of the notes I take during meetings are various acronyms to look up later.
2. I need to get better at networking.

I finally finished my research and document on the training programs for the pilot sites. I will present them to the team in the upcoming week.

This week again was working on my project, sandwiched by two meetings.

The first was a visit to a pilot site. We got to meet with the coordinator at that site to learn about what she’s been doing to further the organization, and where she could use more support from the Coalition. It was a good opportunity for me to see where my work on the trainings are going. After having visited a site, I was able to better cater my work to who the document will be going to. It was also just nice to see that my hard work would actually help people out, even if just a little bit.

The second meeting was the Human Trafficking Commission meeting at the Governor’s Crime Commission. This meeting was unique from the others because it was very formal: minutes were kept, motions were made, and pretty high up people attended. This was another people full of people from diverse backgrounds. They discussed the status and future of North Carolina and it’s collective effort to eradicate human trafficking and to better provide for both the service providers and victims.

I would say a highlight of my week was the car ride to and from the pilot site. This was an opportunity to hear unfiltered opinions from my colleagues regarding their jobs and the work they’re doing. They are all incredibly passionate men and women, and they are really just full of life experience and incredible knowledge.

For now, I sit patiently in the airport as my flight gets pushed back farther and farther. Soon, I will be in Michigan for the weekend for my sister’s wedding. In the meantime, I’ll people watch.


June June 17th – June 24th

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