Week 5

This is my first draft of the transition map. It was an attempt to cohesively display the information from the professionals at the clinic. The next steps are to finesse it, and then run it through various test groups to make it as legible and inclusive as possible.

This was a little bit of a shorter week because it was sandwiched by my sister’s wedding and leaving for vacation. Nonetheless, it was an important week because I have been assigned two new projects to work on.

NCCASA Project: Updating the NCCASA brochure for human trafficking. It will be passed at a few upcoming events and trainings, as well as kept on hand in the office for future reference.

My ideas: I want to make it a powerful brochure, without being limiting and cheesy. I have a few basic myths (such as: there must be movement for an act to be considered trafficking and all trafficking victims are foreign nationals) that act as attention grabbers. I also think it is important to include contributing factors. These are larger societal institutions, constructs, and norms that perpetuate human trafficking. Some of these may include rape culture and civil unrest.


Gender Care Clinic Project: Creating a transition treasure map to give to their patients. (See above image). I have started working on a map that can guide patients through their transition. I pick the doctor’s brain for the hormonal and medical changes to a person’s body while the social worker’s brain provides more of the social aspect to any transition.

My ideas: One of my goals with the map is to portray the idea that one can ‘get on and off’ the path at any point during their transition. I want for the patients to understand that no one person’s path will be the same, and that one can move about more-or-less freely throughout their transition. There are some options like a tracheotomy shave that may not be reversible, but something like hormone blockers during puberty doesn’t have to be the forever decision or desire.


Social worker quote of the week: “When did you choose?”

One patient was struggling with explaining to kids at school and family that this wasn’t a choice. The social worker brilliantly retorted to instead press them on when they chose to be heterosexual.

June 25th – July 1st

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