Week 7

A picture of me outside of the NCCASA offices in Raleigh.

This week was continued work on the transition map and various projects for NCCASA.

The brochure for NCCASA is done for now on my part. We worked hard on making the bulk of it, now it has to be sent around to other people in the office. It’s important that people with other specialties have a say in the brochure because it represents the work that NCCASA does within the anti-human trafficking movement.

A quote we have in the brochure for now is: “If we’re going to address trafficking in our country we have to address poverty, racism and gender based violence” – Rachel Lloyd

To me, this is a pretty cool idea to include because it so accurately reflects what I learn in the classroom at Dickinson.

Speaking of, part of my internship grant from Dickinson includes writing these weekly blog posts. Looking back on the weeks of posts I’ve created, I’m grateful to have this assignment attached to the grant. Writing blog posts, something I’d never done before, forced me to sit down and reflect on my weeks. I feel like I am able to write in my own voice, but it’s still an opportunity to think in-depth through the work I’m doing and the connections with my Dickinson education. It also forces me to sit down and look at where I might be able to better myself or my work for the next week.


This week’s thought from genius Gender Care Clinic social worker. She speaks in reference to people who are looking to transition, but who are also suffering from some kind of addiction:

“You wouldn’t delay [treatment] for a cancer patient because they had substance abuse issues”.

I had never really considered that before, but the chance for a person to transition can be integral to their life and happiness, and so they should receive the same quality of care that any other patient should receive.


July 16th – July 22nd

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