Week 8

Last day on the job!

We’ve arrived at the end.

The summer is nearly over for me, the internships have winded down, and I am moving back to Charlotte before I go off to study abroad.


I had the opportunity to work for two incredible organizations this summer. After having spent eight weeks on the job, I have come to see how each interacted and informed the other throughout my growing understanding of the work and field. What stood out to me about the Gender Clinic was their focus on not only a hormonal transition, but also a social one. They encouraged families to come in and participate, and understood the larger factors at play for these patients, their families, the communities, and larger societal values and expectations. NCCASA, through Project No Rest, focuses on larger issues as well like community involvement, prevention work, and consciousness raising. They have a diverse group of people that are constantly meeting and collaborating in order to have the greatest impact in the community and for these vulnerable populations of people.

All of the people I worked with were involved in fields that are largely misunderstood and are located in a kind of perpetual “gray area”. Although there is rarely clear differentiation between right and wrong, both organizations maintain their focus on what is best for patients of their clinic and victims of trafficking. These are two well-established organizations that work for the betterment of vulnerable populations. Their work rests inside of much larger institutions and societies. For NCCASA, they have to consider not only human trafficking in North Carolina, but rape culture, gender inequality, demand, sexual violence, and many other aspects that seem much larger than their work. The clinic has to be mindful of school systems, the safety of their patients, gender inequality, families, and many more aspects as well.

Through both organizations, I met incredibly passionate and well-educated people that work hard in their service. There is constant collaboration and continuing education that makes these people some of the best in the area. I have learned so much from my time at both organizations, and am excited to bring my newfound knowledge and confidence to the classroom and future career aspirations.


July 23rd – July 29th

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