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These days all Chinese are talking about the same news that a famous Chinese billionaire, Head of, got arrested on suspicion of rape in August when he was studying in Minnesota. 

However, lots of people in China assert that this billionaire, Qiangdong Liu, might fall into a trap, which means that there might be some kind of disagreement about money happening between this girl and the billionaire when they were together. Even though facts of this case have not been published by Minneapolis police department, suspected pictures of a woman have been spread all over internet, and people kept making insults about her body line and appearance.

This case deepened my understanding of gender equality. When I went through the news and comments below, one of them saying: “she looks like that type of girl”, I was disgusted and humiliated, and even realized how much work is still needed to be done to talk about gender equality in China. Without knowing the truth, people made conclusion so easily and arbitrarily based on how much money  this billionaire has. And people judged this girl to be prostitute just by a suspected picture posted online by anonymous. I glimpsed the future and the direction I am heading to. Nowadays press in China is controlled by government and power, and the public opinion can be easily directed and suppressed once something serious happened. I think truth needs to be exposed, put under sunlight and talked about in a right way. 

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Your topic is incredibly relevant to how females are commonly perceived in the media in my opinion. I love how intuitive you are when you describe the grim judgements that people can make. Sometimes, judging a book by its cover is easier than reading its pages. It is really taboo in certain countries to discuss the perception of women and their human rights. Fortunately, your voice in this essay can be one that speaks for many women who cannot speak for themselves.

   natasha 09.05.18 @ 8:05 pm

Julie, what a timely take on the literacy event prompt–and a great project to pursue for your literacy narrative essay, too. Now the question is: how can you sharpen the detail of this executive’s scandal/story without trading in the kind of salacious gossip that bothers you about it? How can you describe, without exactly replaying, the misogynist comments you and Natasha know all too well?

   Professor Seiler 09.06.18 @ 4:23 pm

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