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Sing to Read
Posted by: , September 20, 2018, 1:10 pm
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Learning to read was difficult for me.  I used to feel so insecure in my kindergarten class that I would pick up a book and pretend to read, even though I was just looking at the words and not absorbing any information.  I felt like it came so easily to everyone else, especially to the kid who supposedly had already read Harry Potter by the time he started school.  While other kids in my class were reading aloud, I was confusing my d’s and b’s.  I don’t know why, but it just didn’t come easily to me.

My parents were a crucial part of learning to read, they would take turns reading to me every night.  They read the whole Harry Potter and Hunger Games series to me, along with many more.  However, during my struggle to read, my mom would do this incredible thing that really helped me understand how letters and words fit together.  She would spell out words in song form.  The first time I remember her singing out a word to me was with the word “the.” “T-H-E spells ‘the’!” my mom would chant every time I came across this word on a page.  As I got older, spelling tests where a challenge for me, so I would ask my mom for help.  The word “appreciate” was especially hard for me, so she made a song.  She made a song for “necessary” and “caterpillar”.

I think the combination of reading to me every night and the fact that my mom adamantly made sure I could read and write turned me into the avid reader I am today.  I love writing essays and reading new books, and I have my parents, specifically my mom, to thank for helping me through my literacy journey.

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This was really honest as well as emotional, thank you for sharing. I had no idea everyone’s first reading experiences were so different but this helped me realize that!

   Logan Cort 09.20.18 @ 8:38 pm

My parents played a similar crucial role in how I learned to read. Although they were not reading Harry Potter books to me, they instead invited me to read with them much simpler books with words I could understand! I would agree with you in how reading with my parents turned me into the avid reader I am today, and sparked in me a curiosity for stories I still have today.

   Reed Kearins 09.20.18 @ 9:22 pm

I love how you talk about asking your mom for help and the method she used to assist you while reading. It demonstrated to me how it enticed your love for exploring new literary worlds. I share a similar story with my mom when she helped teach me how to read in English. However, we used a way less creative method. Yours is definitely worth sharing !

   natasha 09.23.18 @ 7:04 pm

Ainslie, I hope you shared this post with your folks! As I get to know you and especially in this post, it’s just so clear that music and lyrics unlock the world for you. Have you considered studying music at Dickinson?

   Professor Seiler 09.25.18 @ 1:42 pm

Your post reminds me of how I learned math.
I learned multiplication years after my classmates, and my mom sat with me for hours, making stories to remind me of how the math worked.
Also, I really like your writing style!
Thank you for sharing.

   Talya A Lubit 09.26.18 @ 12:02 pm

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