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Harry Potter is REAL
Posted by: , September 21, 2018, 2:44 pm
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“It has to be real, Chris.” I screamed at my older cousin, who smirked at my innocence. “There’s no way those words were just her ideas. They’re too good.”

This was a real conversation that I remember having soon after I had learned to read. I caught on early to the “book thing”, reading two grades above my level as soon as I got to kindergarten. For this reason, I don’t necessarily remember the exact instance in which I learned to read. I do, however, remember the effect that it quickly had on me.

At the end of first grade, I dove in to the Harry Potter series. My mind, young and naive, became convinced that if words flowed together that well then they must entail reality. I was set on finding Hogwarts, and then, of course, attending. My older cousin Chris was one of many to shut down this notion, with no mercy.

With the realization that people could write as well as J.K. Rowling, I became obsessed with the idea of becoming that good, too. I used the skills that I had learned in kindergarten and first grade, and formed my letters into sentences similar to those that I read. I would write and write and write. I would force adjectives next to nouns and try to make them sound as beautiful as possible. In this way, I began my adventure of learning how to write. My reading and writing skills have built upon each other ever since.

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This was such a cute read! It was really inspiring to hear how moved you were by Harry Potter because I can completely relate to that experience. I latched on to that series when I was that age, too.

   Meredith 09.23.18 @ 11:11 am

That’s amazing that reading Harry Potter inspired you to develop yourself into a great writer. I believe that the best books leave you with a desire to become better at something, and Harry Potter was that catalyst for you.

   Dan 09.24.18 @ 8:30 am

Your writing is so natural and smooth that reading your post became such a pleasant task. While “Dear Pa,” actually moved people to tears, “Harry Potter is real” brought about such a bright, childlike vibe. I love the way I got carried away with feelings through every word of yours.

   Scarlett Nguyen 09.24.18 @ 4:52 pm

Jess, this post achieves a wonderful combination of personal and generational HP narrative! I’m especially struck by your having felt not simply inspired, but also *enabled*, in the best sense, by the example of Rowling.

   Professor Seiler 09.25.18 @ 9:15 am

Hi Jess!
Your writing is beautiful.
I had a similar experience with harry potter. I wished that it was real, and spent days at a time pretending to be at Hogwarts with my sister.
Until I read harry potter, I did not like to read.

   Talya Lubit 09.26.18 @ 11:53 am

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